iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs iPhone 12 Pro: What Are the Major Differences?


The new iPhone 12 Pro max from Apple is a big leap forward for Pro. 5G ready to download large files from the internet and stream HDR images. Larger 6.7 inch Super Retina XDR screen. Ceramic Shield with fourx better low light photography and advanced Pro camera system. Incredible low-lights photography with the finest Pro camera set on an iPhone, plus 5x optical zoom plus more. iphone 12 pro max

Let’s start with the display. If you need the biggest and brightest LCD on an iPhone then the iPhone 12 pro max is not for you. It is definitely larger than the iPhone 6 but it is just as bright as the iPhone 6s Plus. This is not a night shooter so don’t expect to take great pictures in low lighting conditions. You do, however, get plenty of brightness for all your shooting needs and if you are going to be out in the city then it makes the Pro a perfect choice.

One feature that many consumers may not have heard about but is a real highlight is the digital zoom. The camera has two digital zoom options: one with optical and one with digital. The optical option is just as effective as the iPhone 6s Plus in low light and definitely sharper.

The iPhone 12 pro offers very clear pictures with a large, high resolution camera. The main camera lens is 12 megapixels and offers excellent photo quality. There is also a very large optical image stabilization system that helps to eliminate shaky hands and a soft focus. The camera does not have optical zoom but has a wide lens for better photos. That narrow focus on some models may be a turn off for some. In addition, the iPhone 12 pro max has a low-power mode which is nice for power users who use the phone often outdoors.

The other key difference between the two phones is the processor speed. The iPhone has a single chip A5 processor while the Pro max has two different processors – one for speed and one for multitasking. The dual-core A5 processor is pretty fast, however there is always the chance of a lag when watching movies or playing games. The iPhone also has an advantage in that it runs a lot faster than the Pro, which helps save battery life. Finally, the iPhone has a higher RAM, more storage space and a larger LCD screen, so this might be another factor in the decision for many.

The iPhone 12 pro max is the clear winner in the review department as it gives you everything you could possibly want in a phone including amazing performance and amazing features like an ultra wide camera. At just over one hundred dollars it is hard to go wrong with this camera. If you are planning on taking action shots at night in low light, the ability to use an external flash will help with a faster shutter speed and less lag. If you are looking for a phone that can handle professional looking pictures outdoors in moderate light the iPhone 12 pro max has all you would expect in a digital camera. It is a great camera for anyone’s personal enjoyment.

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