The Pisces Woman.


The Pisces Woman: Attraction

Pisces is ruled by the dreamy planet Neptune, and she has a keen sense of intuition. Her emotions, like the turbulent sea, are complex and dynamic. Her task is to distinguish between important spiritual truths and superficial illusions. pisces zodiac sign

Because Pisces regulates the feet, her unique gemstone is jade, which is especially appropriate in jewelry for the hands and feet. She’s also a natural with amethyst.

Sea green is her primary color. Pisces look best in shades of blue and green similar to those found in the Water and avoid too bright colors.

Pisces is adaptable when it comes to style and fashion because she is a chameleon. She despises preconceptions and frameworks, and she despises being a slave to current trends. She also dislikes wearing constrictive apparel and prefers to move freely in and out of her wardrobe. Fortunately, she is typically able to get away with almost anything. She has a rare trait in that she can fit in while remaining distinctive. Pisces has a penchant for fantasy, drama, and make-believe, which may be seen in her style. She has a penchant for shoes that is far beyond the norm!

Any style that is too aggressive, restricted, or highly defined is unappealing to Pisces. This corresponds to a personality that is neither harsh nor severe. Styles that compliment the Piscean personality include gentle lines, a shape that moves and breathes, and soft rather than primary hues.

The secret weapon of Pisces when it comes to attraction is evasiveness. Pisces is associated with mystery, as well as gentleness, tenderness, and softness. While she isn’t precisely distant, she does maintain a subtle distance that intrigues others.

A coupled Pisces is inclined to utilize the “who, me?” method when in an emotional bind or quarrel. Some people have turned “playing stupid” into an art form because they’ve realized that it’s the easiest method to avoid answering unpleasant or uncomfortable inquiries.

Pisces gives a lot in love, but not everything. Remember that assuming Pisces is weak is just as bad as assuming Pisces is strong. She possesses both qualities. The lesson is simple: don’t push her over her limitations because even if she doesn’t seem to have any, she does have them. Take use of her good nature and readiness to make sacrifices, but don’t take advantage of it. She sees forgiveness and understanding as a strength, and you should know as well. She has the ability to reinvent her life, even if it means living without you. However, you should refrain from describing her as powerful. She does require assistance from time to time, and it can be lonely if the significant person in her life abandons her when her life is in disarray. She could easily misinterpret this attitude as a lack of care and love on your part.

Pisces is a sexual sign that is inherently submissive, eager to please, willing to try almost anything, and readily orgasmic. Through the sexual act, there is a strong yearning to connect to something larger. This is especially true if your Moon and/or Mars are both in Pisces.

She is more autonomous and assertive than before 2003 when Uranus was in Pisces (from 2003 to 2011). It can be difficult to restrain her, and the last thing she wants is to be labeled or caged.



Pisces/ Pisces Decanate (February 19 – March 1) — Dreamers and visionaries born in this decanate. In everything, they sense poetry and beauty.

Pisces/Cancer Decanate (March 2–11): The female Piscean is particularly sensitive to her surroundings and specially attached to her house and family under this decanate.

Pisces/Scorpio Decanate (March 12-20) – Those born during this decanate are a little more tenacious, passionate, and intense and will enjoy job success in their middle years.

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